Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society
founded to advance the effectiveness of vestibular sciences, fall prevention and wellness methods to health care professionals
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Mission Statement:

The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness™ Society was founded to advance the effectiveness of neurovestibular sciences, falls prevention and wellness methods for health care professionals


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NEW! VNG Training Seminars

For Physicians, Technicians and Health Care Professionals  

Sponsored by Secure Health, Inc.

Intro to VNG report interpretations and hands-on
VNG technique training

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Who Should Attend?
MD's, ENT's and Otolaryngologists, Neurologists, DO's, geriatric specialists, other physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, audiologists, technicians, nurses, support staff, health care professionals and administrators, and others involved in related health care fields.

Registration: Visit

Credit cards accepted

What is included for all registered attendees?

--Notebook of course information and handouts

--Demonstration of balance assessment and the importance of integrating balance screenings

--Hands-on VNG training with VNG diagnostic equipment

--Introduction to VNG interpretive reports: how to recognize a normal report, how to recognize positional vertigo (BBPV)

--Overview of Vestibular Rehab Therapy (VRT)

--Billing and coding information

--Patient and Business Development

--Open forum regarding vestibular and balance disorders

--Certificate of completion

Accreditation Statement:
The VNG Training seminar sponsored by Secure Health, Inc. is for informational purposes only. There is no accreditation for this event/activity at this time. Please refer to the disclaimer, terms and conditions for complete information.

Registration: Visit

Daniel B. Scherer, Managing Partner of the Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness™ Society, LLC, stated, “We have produced the nation’s first and only CME-certified program for diagnosis and management of balance disorders in a clinic or private practice setting. It is a comprehensive program that advances awareness and continuing medical education for falls prevention, balance disorders and vestibular sciences. Those attending will learn how to identify risk factors, properly diagnose and effectively treat patients whose lives are adversely affected by dizziness and vertigo, patients who have fallen in the past or are unsteady or at-risk of falling. Doctors and health care professionals who are involved in falls prevention, and treatment of balance disorders will benefit by attending this course because there is no other CME program specifically designed to accomplish this goal.”

Nationwide events since 2010
The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness™ Society completed five three-day weekend courses in 2010, including Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Greater New York City/New Jersey and Indianapolis, Indiana. Two-day course offerings during 2011 were completed in Tampa, Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana. The 2012 and 2013 two-day locations include Florida and the Midwest. Past attendees include doctors and health care professionals from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. To view the curriculum, reserve your seat for this event, or view other scheduled dates and locations visit the CME Seminars page or call the Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness™ Society at 260-436-1432.

For more information on the Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness™ Society, its mission and the CME/CEU and non-CME educational programs contact us by calling 260-436-1432.


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VNG Training Seminar

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